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8oz Bamboo Pulp Single Wall Paper Cups

Short Description:

Bamboo Pulp Single Wall Paper Cups are bamboo pulp raw material production, very ecological, environmentally friendly.

  • Paper Coating Type: PLA coated; PE coated; Water based coated
  • Certificate: FDA, MOSH & MOAH, DIN Certification, and more.
  • MOQ:

    Blank or Customized cups, MOQ:50000pcs.

  • Features: Material environmental protection, Material safety, Material resistance to high and low temperatures, Uniform coating layer, Water and oil resistance
  • Application: Compostable takeaway cups
    Coffee paper cups
    Milk tea cups
    Hot drink paper cups
    Cold drink paper cups (more paper cups application size can be customized.)

  • Size:

    6.5oz, 8oz, 8.5oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz (Please consult us for more sizes!)

  • Note: Double Wall Paper Cups, Ripple Wall Paper Cups are sold separately here.
  • Product Detail

    The Bamboo Pulp Paper Cups are different from wood pulp paper cups in terms of raw materials and colors, but they are all biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You can choose according to the appearance and needs.

    Single Wall Paper Cup is the most common kind of paper cup, there are single-side coated paper cup and double-side coated paper cup. Cups are sustainable disposable cups, perfect for hot and cold beverages, as well as blank paper cups that can be custom printed with your branding.

    The Single Wall Paper Cup range is available in 6 sizes, including 6.5oz, 8.5oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz. If you need to customize other paper cup sizes, please contact us! (A certain MOQ is required.)

    Make the use of “PLA coated paper” to fabricate paper cups in compliance with FDA, EU food contact regulations will not emanate peculiar smells and generate any hazardous substances to harm the human's health.  It is absolutely safer than polyethylene coated cellulose fiber food utensils. Paper cups have passed the national standard GB/T27590-2011.

    This cup comes in various sizes so you can provide guests with the portions they request, whether small or large.

    Single Wall Paper Cup Specification

    Single PLA Coated Paper Cups Size

    Featuring a tightly rolled rim, this cup provides leak-proof consumption and creates a tight and secure seal when used with a compatible drinking lid (sold separately). At the same time, you can also choose matching paper straws (sold separately).