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PLA fibers grade raw material

Short Description:

Anti-bacterial and UV protection;
Skin-friendly and anti-allergic.


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  • Type: PLA Staple, PLA Bicomponent Staple, PLA Yarn
  • PLA Staple Application: Non-woven Fabrics, Temporary Blocking Agents, Cigarette Filter Elements, etc
  • PLA Bicomponent Staple Application: Fillers, Oil Storage Cotton, etc
  • PLA Yarn Application: Cloth Weaving, Medical Surgical Suture, etc
  • Product Detail

    Uses: Fiber Grade, Non-woven Fabric, PLA fiber  for Oil temporary plugging agent, etc.

    Processing method: Extrusion grade Please dry before processing.

    Keywords: compostable, renewable resources, biodegradable, food contact compliance, good processing performance.

    Important parameters: Melt flow rate: 13-17 g/10min Density: 1.24 g/cm3

    PLA单组份纤维 PLA双组份纤维